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Golf is well known for its high standards and encouragement of fair play. This has been developed over many years through the various understandings that are known as golf etiquette. If you re not entirely sure what this involves and don t want to incur the wrath of upstanding club members then read on for a bite size guide to the rules of golf etiquette.

The basic rules are designed to enhance the safety of players and spectators alike. The first point should go without saying but it is perhaps the most important point make sure there isn t anyone in your way when you play your shot! A golf ball travelling at 100+ miles an hour can do some serious damage to a person.

Likewise http://www.cheapbrazilsoccerjerseys.com/marquinhos-jersey/ , if you are waiting for someone to take a shot make sure you stand behind them. Even standing a metre or so ahead of the player is a risk as it has been known that a ball can fly off in some improbable directions. I can personally vouch for that!

When a member of your group is preparing to take a shot you must not talk or move within their eyeline. This can be very off putting and I m sure you would prefer it if your playing partners would offer you the same respect.

You should not take a shot if a playing group in front of you is within range. Ideally you should wait until the entire group have played their second shots and are absolutely certain they have moved on. If not you may find the group ahead have left your ball sat on a tee indicatng their displeasure at your lack of patience. If you think you have hit a shot that may still be near to them ensure you shout a very clear Fore to warn them to try and take cover.

The player who won the previous hole has the honour for the next hole and gets the privilige of teeng off first. The player furthest back during the hole gets to play first amongst the group.

Do not practice your swing near the tee to avoid any unneccessary disturbance of the tee box. This should ensure that every player gets the same standard of tee bix when playing. Likewise, if you take any turf out of the fairway when playing be sure to replace it carefully.

Help your playing partners if they lose their ball in the trees or rough. Not only is this a gesture of goodwill it may help speed your group up as more people looking should find the golf ball quicker. If you are taking too much time consider letting any groups behind you play through.

To ensure that the bunkers remain level be sure to rake over any footprints, ball marks and club marks you make if you take a shot from there.

When you reach the green have great respect for the surface. Nothing is more frustrating than a putt taking an uneccessary turn because the previous group neglected to repair any pitch marks. Get into the habit of checking this and repairing any you may make. In addition to this ensure that you lay any additional clubs you have gently and that includes the flag also. It is standard practice to not walk on a fellow players putting line your golf spikes may damage the surface and alter their putt.

It is good manners to move off the green quickly once the group has completed the hole. Do not update your scoring card there wait until the next tee to do this.

Much of what you have read here is common sense and courtesy for other players. Do not be surprised if a club member pulls you up if you do not follow these conventions many people are passionate about the game and want to ensure it stays safe and played in a spirit of fairness. If you re playing at a new club for you check if there any specific rules the club likes to uphold such as certain standards of dress. None of this takes much effort and should be considered one of the more simple aspects of the game of golf.
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