Oral collagen supplements for better skin care

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Oral collagen supplements for better skin care

Postby naruto1512 » Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:08 pm

You can continue reading if this situation seems similar to your: You are in the wide corridor of a beauty store or supermarket, looking at the huge, supplemental collagen stalls, collagen that is used for skin and general health. You are shocked, and wonder: Where do these supplemnts come from? And are they really effective?

Although collagen supplements have long existed in vitamins stores, in the past year they have expanded widely to pharmaceutical and grocery stores and are growing rapidly. The promises about the effect of all these supplements are too much for people to ignore and may sound unrealistic: You can swallow collagen supplements and go back to your youth not just by only taking a few hours or a few days of aesthetic but by making your own body rebuild the collagen layer from within.

Is this just a false hope? The new clinical study seems to indicate that there is something really true to those claims. In a new study, published in early 2014, women drank 2.5 g of special hydrolyzed collagen peptide once a day. After only 8 weeks, researchers measured the reduction of wrinkles around the eyes of women by 20%

It is even worth mentioning that, the level of procollagen of the body (precursor of collagen) has been raised significantly, with an impressive increase of up to 65%. It seems that the pills in this study can make the skin of a woman look more youthful.
Can collagen from the skin be supplemented with a pill? Some researchers say yes But others objected that it was impossible.
Collagen keeps body’s joints elasticity, smooth and provides a structure in the connective tissues of our organs - but when we pass the age of 30, collagen production in our body declines. Co-author Steffen Oesser, founder of Collagen Research Institute in Kiel, Germany, holds a patent on some formulas for collagen. "If you lose the collagen structure in the bones, it is osteoporosis." "Loss of collagen in the skin, you will have wrinkles."

In the past, our diets included foods that could prevent this decline, such as home brooth. When you boil whole chicken or boiled beef bones, the substance that resembles the jelly floating on the surface is collagen. We even assume that the current social preference for boneless chicken may be part of the reason we need these supplements - we have created a collagen deficiency in our body in the diet.

If collagen supplement is a solution, we still do not know exactly their biological principle. Researchers have predicted that the transformation of collagen into very small amino acid strands and peptides are the secret of youthful skin. When collagen fragments are properly sized, they are absorbed into the bloodstream, and trigger the production of collagen in the structure of the skin. This microdissection is also why the researchers claim that all bone brooth in the world will not help the skin because the enzymes that laboratories use to make collagen to the right size not naturally in the body. It is interesting that we can add collagen directly to the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin. "It stimulates our body cells in a natural way."

It seems that you have found the secret of youth, right? Not everyone is convinced. Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist, said: "For collagen particles to be absorbed, as it travels through the gastrointestinal tract of high acidity, and accumulates in the dermis, it is very unlikely. The strong belief of some dermatologists is that this study is incorrect, no matter how powerful its evidence appears. Their argument is that all proteins, whether substances bioavailable collagen peptides or bones are treated in the same way by gastric enzymes and end up with small amino acids that can not target specific organs like the skin.

However, something in this study appears to be triggering the collagen structure of the skin - and all indications are that it is a collagen peptide.

The fact is that collagen supplements are still a new problem in the scientific community, and that collagen supplements have not produced strong evidence enough. Linder argues that there are so many external lotion ingredients that stimulate collagen production - and there is no doubt about it. For example, retinoic acid anti-aging has shown similar improvements to what you see with collagen supplements: less wrinkles as well as reduced pigmentation and improved skin texture.

Dozens of collagen bundles form the fibers that support the skin structure.

For every skeptic there will be an optimist. Even some dermatologists notice that recent tests are very attractive. Dermatologist Patricia Farris said: "The results are convincing and confirm that supplementation with oral bioavailable collagen can increase collagen production.

Should you add collagen to your list?

This is a half-glass panoramic view: These formidable collagen peptides seem to be active and very impressive. Doris Day, a dermatologist, said: "Collagen supplements will continue to appear, and any product that has a strong clinical outcome has a certain position in your beauty care list, along with a good diet, sunscreen, and anti-aging moisturizer. "More independent studies are needed to see whether the data is correct," she said. We need to open our minds for creative approach. "

Think about it: Every time something new goes into your beauty care routine, and you can not even remember how it started. Is this the moment when you use night creams couple with drinking collagen supplements?

What type of collagen supplement products to buy?

Collagen adiva is a collagen peptide supplement that fully satisfies the condition of oral collagen in the study. In addition, the product has 100% natural ingredients and is imported from Germany and can be found in all stores and supermarkets nationwide. You can also purchase collagen adiva online here: http://www.scj.vn/vi/san-pham/suc-khoe/ ... 31915.html
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